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Alana I Thrower

Artist’s biography for Alana Thrower

Alana Thrower is an award winning photographer from Elbert, CO. She has dabbled in various art forms all of her life. She draws her inspiration from the outdoors with all of its beauty and curiosities. The inspiration she finds there she captures and shares with any who wish the experience.
Her photographs have been displayed at various businesses and galleries in Colorado. She was featured artist on PPLD web site in April of 2008. Her “Turn Around and Look” show hung at Rockrimmon and Monument public libraries challenging people to see what they often over look. She has had photos displayed at the Olympic Training Center, the Pikes Peak Center, Colorado State Fair, Woodmen Valley Chapel, The Warehouse Restaurant and Gallery, Bijou Salon and Gallery, the Colorado Springs airport and the Edifice gallery among others.
Her current foray into photography was inspired by a little bird. She was to meet a friend for an early morning hike in south west Colorado Springs a number of years ago. The friend failed to arrive. It was a glorious morning and she went to investigate alone. Hiking along a small stream she heard a bird call she did not recognize. Locating the single small dark colored bird she followed it as it flew along the stream. Puzzling over the identity of this unknown bird she was fascinated by its behavior. It flew low along the stream stopping occasionally to hop on the rocks and dip its head into the water. It landed on the edge of the stream and waded into the water where it foraged. It slipped into deeper water and swam then dipped under the thin ice and swam under the ice. Fascinated she watched it for about twenty minutes. She wished desperately for a camera!
Now she always carries a camera. She enjoys the thrill of seeing unexpected beauties and curiosities where ever she goes. Sometimes she is able to capture them with her camera. Other times she watches and enjoys what she has found. Perhaps next time she’ll capture the moment and share it with you.
The bird was a Little Black Rail, a rare and unusual visitor to the Colorado Springs area.